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The Vintage Shop

Plastic Tap Valve Spigot for Easy Liquid Transfer (0.31 - 7/16 in | 0.79 - 1.1 cm)

$2.00 USD

Streamline Your Brewing with the Plastic TVS (Tap Valve Spigot)

Effortless Liquid Handling for Home Brewers and Vintners Elevate your home brewing or winemaking process with the Plastic TVS (Tap Valve Spigot), an essential tool for efficient and safe liquid transfer. This Canadian-made spigot, designed to accommodate hoses ranging from 0.31 to 7/16 inches in diameter, is constructed from food-grade PP plastic, ensuring non-toxic and tasteless handling of beverages. With a smooth pivot action and solid design, it simplifies converting a regular bucket into one with a faucet, making liquid transfer a breeze without the need for a siphon.

Key Features:


Q: What hose sizes do the Plastic TVS fit? A: The Plastic TVS accommodates hoses from 0.31 to 7/16 inches (7.9 mm - 11.1 mm) in diameter.

Q: Is this spigot safe for use with consumable liquids? A: Yes, it's crafted from food-grade PP plastic, ensuring safe use with beverages.

Q: Can I use the Plastic TVS for wine and beer? A: Its versatile design is suitable for all brewing and winemaking needs.

Q: Are all necessary installation components included? A: Yes, the spigot has two gaskets and a nut for easy and secure installation.

Q: How do I clean the Plastic TVS after use? A: Its simple design allows for easy cleaning, ensuring your spigot is always ready for the next use.

Incorporate the Plastic TVS (Tap Valve Spigot) into your brewing setup for efficient, safe, and convenient liquid transfer. This Canadian-made tool is an invaluable addition to your home brewery or winemaking kit, simplifying your process and enhancing your crafting experience.

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