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Auto Siphon (0.5 in | 12.7 mm)

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Master Your Winemaking with Precision Auto Siphon

Streamlined Winemaking with Precision Auto Siphon

Precision Auto Siphon, an indispensable tool for craft winemaking, is especially suited for 5-gallon buckets and carboys. Designed with the homebrewer and winemaker in mind, this siphon starter features a 1/2" diameter for a faster flow rate. It expertly draws a siphon without disturbing the sediment, ensuring a smooth transfer of your wine or beer. The Precision Auto Siphon is not just about functionality; it's about providing a clean, precise, and hassle-free experience. Its leak-free design, combined with a removable tip that filters out impurities, ensures that your brew remains pure and unblemished during transfer. Plus, its compatibility with a 7/16” (11mm) bore siphon hose ensures a flawless siphoning process every time.

Key Features:


Q: What should I do if the flapper valve from the bottom fitting of the Auto Siphon comes off? A: You can re-install it using sticky tape on a stick or dowel for assistance.

Q: How can I avoid overflow when using the Auto Siphon in a full carboy? A: Insert the Auto Siphon gently with the center tube extended to prevent overflow.

Q: What's the best way to sanitize the Auto Siphon? A: Sanitize it in a carboy filled with a cleaning solution or in a bucket of sanitizing solution while circulating the solution through the siphon.

Q: How can I fix the air drawing in at the seal of my Auto Siphon? A: Check for blockages at the anti-sediment tip and adjust the siphoning height if necessary.

Q: What should I do if the air is getting drawn in at the hose connection? A: Ensure you're using the correct size hose and consider a hose clamp for a secure fit.

The Precision Auto Siphon is more than just a tool; it's a guarantee of quality and efficiency in your winemaking process, making it a must-have for every craft brewer and winemaker.

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