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ABC Cork Co

Phenolphthalein Indicator (15 ml | 0.72 oz)

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Accurate Titrations with Precision: Phenolphthalein Indicator for Clear Results

Unmatched Clarity in Acid-Base Titration

Gain precision in your homebrew and winemaking process with our Phenolphthalein Indicator, the critical component for clear and accurate acid-base titrations. This 15 mL bottle of Phenolphthalein, a high-purity chemical compound, is essential for any craft maker's toolkit, providing reliable color change to signal the perfect balance in your concoctions.

Key Features:


Q: What exactly is Phenolphthalein used for in winemaking? A: It serves as an indicator in acid-base titrations, vital for determining the precise acidity level of wines.

Q: How does the color change of Phenolphthalein work? A: Phenolphthalein turns colorless in acidic solutions to red in essential solutions, indicating neutrality.

Q: Is this Phenolphthalein Indicator suitable for educational purposes? A: Absolutely, it’s perfect for educational labs due to its clear color change and ease of use.

Q: Can I use this indicator to test other types of solutions? A: Yes, it's versatile and can be used for titrating various acid-base solutions, not just wine.

Q: How should I store the Phenolphthalein Indicator? A: Store it in a cool, dark place to maintain its reactivity and longevity.

Q: Is the Phenolphthalein Indicator ready to use right from the bottle? A: It is pre-formulated and ready for immediate application in titration processes.

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