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ABC Cork Co

Y Connector for Demi Auto Filter

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Streamline Your Filtration Process with the Y Connector for Demi Auto Filter

An Essential Component for Efficient Liquid Handling in Winemaking and Distilling

The Y Connector, designed for the Demi Auto Filter, is an indispensable tool in the wine and spirits industry, enhancing the functionality of filtration systems. This European-made connector is expertly crafted to either divide or combine liquid flows within a filtration setup, providing versatility and efficiency in your processing. Featuring a Y-shaped configuration with two inlets and one outlet, it facilitates the splitting of liquid flow into two distinct paths or the merging of two streams into a single channel. This functionality is especially beneficial when paired with the Demi Auto Filter, a device renowned for its ability to clarify wines and spirits, ensuring a smoother and more controlled filtration process.

Key Features:

Ideal for winemakers and distillers, the Y Connector for Demi Auto Filter is your solution for optimizing the filtration process, ensuring precision and efficiency in your liquid handling. Whether you are splitting or combining flows, this connector enhances the performance of your filtration system.

Unit Quantity

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  • 6 CASE
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