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Liquor Quik

Liquor Quik Amber Cuban Rum (20 ml | 0.65 fl oz)

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Liquor Quik Amber Cuban Rum Essence: Elevate Your Homebrew Craft with Authentic Flavor

Unlock the Secrets of Cuban-Inspired Rum Flavor in Minutes

Introducing the Liquor Quik Amber Cuban Rum Essence, the key ingredient to add authentic, nuanced flavor to your homebrew projects or cooking endeavours. Forget the complexities of traditional rum-making; achieve remarkable taste effortlessly. This 20 mL bottle is packed with natural extracts, essences, and oils that infuse your grain alcohol or neutral vodka with the Cuban-inspired rum flavor you crave. The simple-to-use formula blends smoothly, giving you about 31 fluid ounces of flavored spirit—no special equipment needed.

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Q: How does the Liquor Quik Amber Cuban Rum Essence add flavor?
A: The essence contains a rich blend of natural extracts, essences, and oils that deliver an authentic Cuban-inspired rum flavour to your alcohol base.

Q: What type of alcohol can I use it with?
A: This essence is versatile and can be used with 25-30% ABV grain alcohol, neutral vodka, or clarified Super Yeast/Turbo Yeast.

Q: How much flavoured alcohol does one bottle make?
A: One 20 mL bottle of the essence can make approximately 31 fl. oz. of flavoured alcohol.

Q: Are any additional ingredients required? 
A: You will need 1¼ cups of granulated sugar and your choice of alcohol base. Glycerine can be added if a thicker consistency is desired.

Q: How do I mix it?
A: Pour the contents of the bottle and sugar into a 35 fl. oz. bottle, fill it with your choice of alcohol, and shake until the sugar dissolves.

Q: Where is the product made?
A: While inspired by traditional Cuban flavours, the specific geographic origin is not claimed for this product.

Additional equipment and supplies are sold separately.

Achieve a tantalizing rum experience without the hassle. With Liquor Quik Amber Cuban Rum Essence, every sip brings a Cuban-inspired journey to your glass.

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