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Liquor Quik

Liquor Quik Spiced Apple Schnapps (20 ml | 0.65 fl oz)

$3.00 USD

Autumn Essence: Delectable Spiced Apple Schnapps Essence

Capture the Essence of Fall: Warm Spiced Apple Schnapps Essence for Home Distilling

Embrace the cozy flavors of autumn with Liquor Quik's Spiced Apple Schnapps Essence. This essence celebrates the season, offering a blend of warm spices and crisp apple flavors, perfect for those who enjoy crafting their home-distilled spirits with a touch of seasonal charm. 

Key Features:


Q: What type of alcohol base is recommended for this schnapps essence? A: A 25-30% ABV grain alcohol or neutral vodka will perfectly complement the spiced apple profile.

Q: How much essence should be used for one batch? A: The entire 20 ml bottle is intended to flavor a batch of approximately 31 fl. oz. (880 ml).

Q: Can I adjust the sweetness of the schnapps? A: Yes, the sugar amount can be altered to tailor the sweetness to your liking.

Q: Is it possible to thicken the texture of the schnapps? A: Yes, glycerine can be used to customize the thickness and enhance the mouthfeel.

Q: How long should I shake the mixture to ensure the sugar dissolves? A: Shake the mixture vigorously until the sugar is fully dissolved for a smooth and even flavor.

Q: Where is Liquor Quik's Spiced Apple Schnapps Essence made? A: This premium essence is crafted with care in Canada, a testament to its fine quality and authenticity.

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