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Boun Vino

Super Jet Unit Filtering Machine

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Elevate Your Winemaking Experience: Buon Vino Super Jet Wine Filter

A Professional Touch for Home Winemakers 

The Buon Vino Super Jet Wine Filter, designed for the dedicated home winemaker, offers a professional level of clarity and brilliance to your wines. This machine is a must-have for those producing 40 gallons or more annually from grapes, berries, or fresh juice. It features an efficient self-priming pump and filters a remarkable 270 liters per hour. With a comprehensive filtering surface of 1200 square cm and three filter pad options, including coarse, polish, and sterilization, it promises to bring out the sparkle in every glass of wine. The Super Jet's design, including grooves on the filtering plates, is optimized for maximum efficiency, ensuring your wine is not just clear but also maintains its quality and taste. The dimensions of 49 cm (length) x 26 cm (width) x 46 cm (height) make it a convenient addition to your winemaking setup. Certified by the C.S.A., it guarantees reliability and top-notch performance.

Key Features:


Q: Who is the target user for the Buon Vino Super Jet Wine Filter? A: It's perfect for home winemakers producing 40+ gallons annually from grapes, berries, or juice.

Q: What is the filtration capacity of the Super Jet? A: It efficiently filters 270 liters per hour.

Q: How does the triple filter system enhance the wine? A: The three pad grades allow for varying clarity levels, from coarse to sterilizing.

Q: Is this filtering machine user-friendly? A: Yes, its self-prime pump and optimized design ensure ease of use.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Super Jet Wine Filter? A: It measures 49 cm in length, 26 cm in width, and 46 cm in height.

Q: Why is the Pre-Screen Filter essential? A: It screens out large particles, prolonging pump life and ensuring a cleaner filtration process.

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