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Filtering Fiberglass Cartridge 0.5 Micron

SAVE % $62.00 USD

Filtering Fiberglass Cartridge 0.5 Micron: Clarity, Purity, Excellence

Achieve Crisp Precision with Every Filter 

The Filtering Fiberglass Cartridge boasts a precision rating of 0.5 Micron. Tailored especially for wine and spirits and synergizing perfectly with the Tandem Enolmatic or Tandem Professional filter housings, this cartridge epitomizes filtration mastery.

Every pour is free of sediments, particles, yeast, bacteria, or residues, ensuring that your end products mirror purity and quality. With a range of filtration degrees on offer, choose the clarity that your wine or spirit deserves.

Crafted from top-notch food-grade materials, these cartridges prioritize safety and ease of maintenance with their cleaning-friendly design. Their corrosion-resistant feature indicates their durability, presenting you with a cost-effective yet high-quality filtering solution. However, knowing that these cartridges are not tailored for sugary products is essential.

Dive deep into a world of clarity and quality, a promise upheld with each use of this cartridge—a hallmark of Italian craftsmanship.

Key Features:


Q: How is the 0.5 Micron cartridge different from other micron ratings?
A: The 0.5 Micron rating provides a finer filtration level, ensuring clearer wines and spirits, especially compared to cartridges with higher micron ratings.

Q: Is there a specific filter housing for which these cartridges are designed?
A: These cartridges are optimized for Tandem Enolmatic or Tandem Professional filter housings.

Q: How often should I clean or replace these cartridges?
A: Cleaning frequency depends on usage and the volume of liquids filtered. However, regular checks and maintenance ensure peak performance.

Q: Are there any products I should avoid filtering with this cartridge?
A: Yes, these cartridges are not suitable for filtering sugary products.

Q: Are the cartridges safe for direct contact with consumable products?
A: Absolutely, they're crafted from premium food-grade materials, ensuring safety and quality.

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