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Enotecnica Pillan

Hydro Fruit Press Bladder for 20 L Press

$61.00 USD

HydroFruit Press Bladder for Craftsmen & Winemakers

The HydroFruit Press Bladder for 20 L combines Italian expertise and modern engineering. Ideal for those in wineries, crafting communities, and passionate winemakers, this product assures efficient extraction of juices with a touch of finesse. Tailored to suit the intricate winemaking and fruit-pressing processes, the HydroFruit Bladder transforms raw material into elixirs of delight.

Key Features:


Q: What is the primary material used in the HydroFruit Press Bladder? A: It is made of high-quality natural rubber, ensuring durability and optimal pressing.

Q: Is this bladder specifically designed for winemaking? A: While it's tailored for winemaking, its versatility makes it suitable for pressing various fruits.

Q: What volume can the HydroFruit Press Bladder accommodate? A: It's designed for a capacity of 20 L, ensuring efficient juice extraction.

Q: Can the rubber membrane withstand continuous pressing? A: Absolutely, the high-quality natural rubber ensures endurance and resistance to wear and tear.

Q: Where is the HydroFruit Press Bladder manufactured? A: It's a proud product of Italy, reflecting esteemed craftsmanship and tradition.

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