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The Vintage Shop

Hydrometer Test Jar 240 ml - 8 oz. (12 in | 30 cm)

$3.00 USD

Enhance Your Brewing Precision with the Hydrometer Test Jar

Accurate Alcohol Testing Made Easy with the Hydrometer Test Jar

Designed for the discerning brewer, the Hydrometer Test Jar is an indispensable tool for accurate alcohol testing. Made in Canada, this jar offers precision and clarity, crucial for ensuring your brew's quality. Its tall, narrow design ensures the hydrometer is fully submerged, providing an accurate reading. With a slim diameter, the jar is stable and minimizes the quantity of your precious brew needed for testing. The clear, straight sides make reading the hydrometer numbers effortless, ensuring that every test is accurate. This test jar is a must-have for homebrewers and professionals alike, providing a clear advantage in ensuring the quality of your brew.

Key Features:


Q: Can I use the Hydrometer Test Jar for other liquid tests? A: This jar is designed explicitly for alcohol testing with a hydrometer.

Q: How do I maintain the test jar? A: Clean with warm, soapy water after use to maintain clarity and accuracy.

Q: Is the test jar durable? A: Yes, its sturdy construction ensures durability and long-term use.

Q: What makes this test jar a reliable choice? A: Its stable and precise design and the quality of Canadian manufacturing make it a reliable choice for brewers.

The Hydrometer Test Jar is your ally in brewing perfection, offering an accurate, precise, and reliable method for testing alcohol content. Its superior design and Canadian craftsmanship make it an invaluable tool for anyone serious about brewing.

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