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ABC Crafted Series

Iberian Double Toasted Oak Chips (100g | 3.5 oz)

$3.00 USD

ABC Crafted Series Iberian Double Toasted Oak Chips: Elevate Your Winemaking Craft

Discover the Essence of Elegance with Iberian Double Toasted Oak Chips

Embark on an enriching winemaking journey with ABC CRAFTED SERIES Iberian Double Toasted Oak Chips. Specially designed for small-batch winemakers who appreciate depth and complexity, each 100-gram (3.52 oz) pack offers an unparalleled enhancement to your wines. These chips are sourced from premium Iberian oak, valued for its fine grain, high porosity, and permeability, which are crucial for winemaking. The double toasting of these chips unleashes a spectrum of aromatic compounds that elevate the wine's organoleptic properties.

Experience the intricate dance of smoke, caramel, coffee, and licorice in your wine, a testament to the meticulously controlled toasting process. The slow component transfer of the Iberian oak ensures a gradual and harmonious integration of flavors, making it perfect for medium- and long-duration treatments.

Key Features:


Q: How do these oak chips enhance winemaking? A: They offer a rich blend of flavors, adding complexity and structure to the wine without overshadowing its natural profile.

Q: What makes double-toasted oak chips ideal for winemaking? A: Their intensive toasting process releases a broader range of flavors, ideal for wines that benefit from complex oak character.

Q: Can these chips be used in various wine styles? A: Their versatile flavor profile is suitable for a broad spectrum of wines, from robust reds to complex whites.

Q: How does the double toasting influence the wine’s profile? A: It intensifies the aromatic complexity, adding depth and a balanced mouthfeel to the wine.

Elevate Your Winemaking Craft: With ABC CRAFTED SERIES Iberian Double Toasted Oak Chips, transform your winemaking into an art form. Unveil the full potential of your wines by integrating these premium oak chips into your process. Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation in your winemaking journey.

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