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Enotecnica Pillan

Grape Press Part Metal Bar (19 in | 48 cm)

$24.00 USD

Precision-Crafted Metal Bars for Every Press.

The Grape Press Part Metal Bars. Customized for wine press enthusiasts and crafted with the winemaking audience in mind, these metal bars embody European finesse. These metal bars ensure every winemaker, preparing person, and winery attains a consistent and efficient pressing experience by enhancing your grape pressing tasks. Proudly representing European quality and dedication, these bars stand as an epitome of uncompromising quality and functionality.

Key Features:


Q: How does the metal bar enhance the pressing process? A: Our metal bars are precision-crafted, ensuring uniform pressure distribution for efficient juice extraction.

Q: What's the exact length of the metal bars? A: They're meticulously crafted at 19 inches or 48 cm.

Q: Can these bars fit different grape presses? A: Absolutely! Designed for versatility, they cater to a broad range of grape presses.

Q: What guarantees the durability of these bars? A: Embodying European craftsmanship, they're made with premium metal, promising longevity.

Q: How are the bars maintained for cleanliness during production? A: They're produced in aseptic clean rooms, ensuring they reach you in pristine condition.

Q: Where are these metal bars manufactured? A: Keeping true to exceptional standards, they're a proud product of Europe.

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