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Enotecnica Pillan

Grape Press Parts Round Pieces (17 1/4 in x 8.5 in)

$63.00 USD

Grape Press Parts for the Grape Press, Shaped to Perfection.

Winemakers, craft enthusiasts, and winery professionals understand the significance of precise equipment. Our Grape Press Parts Round Pieces, designed with meticulous attention to detail, promise to elevate the quality of every press. Rooted in European craftsmanship, these parts blend tradition and modern functionality seamlessly. When perfection in pressing is non-negotiable, these are the components you seek.

Key Features:


Q: What are the precise measurements of this Grape Press Part? A: The part is finely tuned at 17.25 inches (or 438.2 mm or 43.82 cm) in diameter.

Q: Can it be utilized for pressing fruits other than grapes? A: While optimized for grapes, it's versatile enough to accommodate different fruits for pressing.

Q: Which region produces these Grape Press Parts? A: They represent the pride and precision of European craftsmanship.

Q: How do these press parts fare in terms of durability? A: Comprising robust materials, they are constructed to endure frequent use and remain steadfast.

Q: Is integrating these parts into my current system challenging? A: No, their design ensures a seamless fit and hassle-free operation.


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