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ABC Crafted Series

Spanish White Sangria White Fruit Winemaking Kit (5.3 L | 1.4 gal)

$27.00 USD

Spanish Sangria White Fruit Winemaking Kit: Create Refreshing Elegance at Home

Embark on a winemaking adventure with the Spanish Sangria White Fruit Winemaking Kit. Perfect for crafting a light and delightful Sangria, this kit combines citrus and berry flavors, making it ideal for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening, this kit brings the essence of Spanish winemaking to your home.

Kit Features

Tasting Profile:

Perfect for Any Occasion:


Q: Who is this kit for? A: Ideal for anyone who enjoys homemade, fruity, and refreshing wines.

Q: Winemaking duration? A: Ready to savor in just four weeks.

Q: Can I customize the Sangria? A: Absolutely, enhance it with fresh fruits or sparkling water.

Q: What equipment is needed? A: Basic winemaking tools are not included in the kit.

Q: What is the best way to serve? A: Chilled for a perfect refreshment in warm weather.

Experience the joy of crafting your own Spanish Sangria White with this kit. It's a simple, enjoyable way to bring Spanish sophistication to your home. Please note: Winemaking equipment and supplies are sold separately.


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