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ABC Crafted Series

Craft Beer Starter Kit Blonde Lager

$35.00 USD

Begin Your Brewing Adventure with the Craft Beer Starter Kit Blonde Lager - Crafted in Canada

Master Homebrewing with Our All-In-One Craft Series Beer Starter Kit for Blonde Lager

The Craft Beer Starter Kit Blonde Lager, thoughtfully packed in Canada, provides a complete solution for aspiring homebrewers looking to craft their own Blonde Lager. This comprehensive kit includes everything required to start brewing, from essential ingredients to vital tools. It features an ABC Crafted Series Beer Kit and dextrose corn sugar to set the foundation for your brew. The kit also comes equipped with all the necessary tools for fermenting, cleaning, racking, and bottling your beer.

Kit Contents:



Q: Is this kit beginner-friendly? A: Yes, it's designed for ease of use, suitable for those new to brewing.

Q: Can I use this kit to make other types of beer? A: While geared for Blonde Lager, the equipment is versatile for other beer styles.

Q: How much beer will this kit produce? A: It typically makes a standard batch size, of around 23 liters.

Q: Are brewing instructions included? A: The kit comes with detailed instructions for a successful brewing process.

The Craft Beer Starter Kit Blonde Lager is more than just brewing equipment; it's a complete package for embarking on your homebrewing journey. This Canadian-packed kit is your gateway to exploring brewing craft, offering enjoyment and satisfaction in creating your own Blonde Lager. Begin your brewing adventure with confidence and creativity!

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