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ABC Crafted Series

Wine Starter Kit Superior

$44.00 USD

Master Winemaking at Home with the Wine Starter Kit Superior

Your Comprehensive Solution for Crafting Exceptional Wines

The Wine Starter Kit Superior is the ultimate package for aspiring and experienced winemakers. Assembled in Canada, this extensive kit covers every aspect of the winemaking process – from fermentation to bottling. It includes a 24 L primary fermenter with a lid and airlock, a 23 L carboy, a plastic spoon, and a #6.5 drilled rubber stopper, ensuring your fermenting process is seamless and efficient. For transferring your wine, the kit provides a shut-off clamp, a 24" long racking tube, and 72" siphon tubing for easy movement of your wine. To ensure the quality of your wine, the kit features essential testing equipment, including a hydrometer test jar and a triple-scale hydrometer. Keeping your equipment clean is effortless with the included 250 g B-Brite Powder. When it's time to bottle your wine, you'll find everything you need in the bottling kit, which includes a small siphon valve, a single lever hand corker, 30 corks, and an instruction book to guide you through the process.

Key Features:


Q: What is included in this kit for fermenting wine? A: The kit contains a 24 L fermenter, carboy, spoon, and airlock.

Q: Are there tools for transferring wine in the kit? A: Yes, it includes a shut-off clamp, racking tube, and siphon tubing.

Q: What testing equipment does the kit offer? A: It comes with a hydrometer test jar and a triple-scale hydrometer.

Q: What supplies are provided for cleaning? A: The kit includes 250 g of B-Brite Powder.

Q: Does the kit include bottling equipment? A: Yes, it features a siphon valve, corker, corks, and an instruction book.

Embark on your winemaking journey with the Wine Starter Kit Superior, a complete and high-quality solution for creating exquisite wines in the comfort of your home. Perfect for novice and experienced vintners, this kit combines convenience, precision, and comprehensive tools for every step of the winemaking process. 

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