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ABC Crafted Series

Plastic Screw Cap (28 mm | 1.1 in)

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Secure Your Creations with Premium Plastic Screw Caps: Perfect Seal for Bottling Enthusiasts

Bold: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Bottling Projects with Our Top-Grade Plastic Screw Caps  

Crafting the perfect product requires attention to every detail, and securing your creations is no exception. Our Plastic Screw Caps, available in a pack of 100 with a diameter of 28 mm (1.1 in), are designed to meet the needs of bottling aficionados across various domains. Whether bottling homemade beverages, storing essential lab chemicals, or packaging your homemade cosmetics, these caps ensure your products are sealed with the highest security and safety.

Key Features:


Q: Can these caps be reused after opening? A: Yes, these plastic screw caps are designed for multiple uses, allowing for secure resealing after the initial opening.

Q: Are these caps compatible with glass bottles? A: These caps are designed for plastic bottles with a 28 mm opening. Compatibility with glass bottles would depend on the neck size and thread pattern.

Q: How does the tamper-evident ring work? A: The tamper-evident ring is attached to the cap. When the cap is screwed onto a bottle for the first time, the ring is designed to separate from the cap and remain on the bottleneck after opening, indicating the bottle has been opened.

Q: Are these screw caps food safe? A: Yes, these plastic screw caps are made from food-grade materials, making them safe for bottling homemade beverages and food products.

Q: Can these caps withstand carbonation pressure? A: While these caps are designed to provide a secure seal, their ability to withstand specific levels of carbonation pressure may vary. They are suitable for standard homemade beverage applications.

Q: Is there a minimum temperature these caps can withstand? A: These plastic screw caps are designed to withstand typical storage and usage temperatures. However, extreme cold or heat may affect the material's integrity, so it's recommended to avoid storing it in environments that are too far from room temperature.

Unit Quantity

  • 1 EACH
  • 100 PACK
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