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ABC Cork Co

Filter Pads #1 Coarse drilled Bundle of 25 (19.8 cm x 19.8 cm | 70.81)

$16.00 USD

Elevate Filtration with #1 Coarse Drilled Filter Pads, Precision Filtration for the Perfectionist Brewer

Dedicated to winemakers, crafting experts, and fermentation aficionados, our Filter Pads #1 Coarse Drilled are the go-to solution for efficient filtration. Born from meticulous design and functionality, these pads are your trusted partners for delivering pristine results. Uncover the charm of perfect filtration for wine press users, ensuring every drop counts. 

Key Features:



Q: Can these filter pads see multiple usages? A: For optimal outcomes, these pads are tailored for one-time use. Post use, ensure environment-friendly disposal.

Q: Is commercial brewing a suitable application for these pads? A: Undoubtedly! These pads seamlessly cater to both homely brewing endeavors and expansive commercial operations.

Q: How do these filter pads fare over time? A: With apt storage, encapsulated in their untouched packaging in a neutral and airy space, these pads boast extended longevity.

Q: Are they universally compatible with filtering apparatuses? A: They align with a vast majority of filtration devices. For peace of mind, a quick dimensions check of your equipment ensures seamless compatibility.

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