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ABC Cork Co

Filter Pads #2 Fine Round Solid Bundle of 25 (22 cm | 8 1.06 in)

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Expert Filtration for Perfect Winemaking, Achieve Clarity in Every Bottle

Introducing the Filter Pads #2 Fine Round Solid: Crafted with precision for passionate winemakers, wineries, and all who seek perfection in their craft. Dive into its world-class features and elevate your winemaking journey. With Swiss precision, this pad is a game-changer for those pressing fruits or grapes, ensuring the clarity and purity of your creation.

Key Features:


Q: How does this pad differ from other filtration products? A: It's engineered in Switzerland, ensuring precision for fine clarification and germ reduction, perfect for winemakers.

Q: Are these pads made with any harmful materials? A: No, they're crafted from FDA-approved materials and are free from plastic fibers, formaldehyde, GMO, and common allergens.

Q: How can I extend the life of these pads? A: Keep them in their original packaging, stored in a dry, odorless, and ventilated area.

Q: Is it environment-friendly? A: Absolutely! These pads can be recycled, composted, or even disposed of with household waste when uncontaminated.

Q: How is the filtration performance of these pads? A: The pad offers a consistent flow rate of 700 L/m2h, ensuring efficient and thorough filtration.

Q: Are these pads versatile for different winemaking setups? A: Their round design and optimal diameter ensure they fit seamlessly into various winemaking configurations.

Unit Quantity

  • 25 BUNDLE
  • 400 CASE
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