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ABC Cork Co

Bag-in-Box Bags (5 L | 1.32 US gal)

$2.00 USD

Craftmaster’s Choice: Premium 5L Dispensing Bags for Artisan Beverages!

Unlock Seamless Dispensing and unrivaled Freshness!

Introducing our Craftmaster’s Choice Dispensing Bags—a compact and premium solution for all your homebrew, craft-making, and artisan beverage needs. With a 5 L (1.32 US gal) capacity, these bags are perfect for those who seek exceptional quality and convenience in a smaller package. Crafted in Canada, these bags are food-safe, single-use packaging solutions designed to extend the shelf life of non-carbonated liquids such as wine, cider, and other alcoholic beverages, making them a perfect companion for small-batch craft makers and homebrew enthusiasts.

The bags offer unparalleled advantages like waste reduction and an 80% lower carbon footprint than a 75cL glass bottle, aligning with sustainable and eco-conscious living. Lightweight and robust, they ensure your beverages remain uncontaminated, fresh, and flavorful for several weeks post-opening. The tamper-evident original tap facilitates effortless dispensing while maintaining the integrity of the contents by preventing air intrusion during the process.

Key Features:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does this bag ensure the longevity of my beverages? A: By employing superior materials and design, these bags prevent air intrusion, keeping your beverages fresh and flavorful for several weeks after being opened.

Q: Can I use it for carbonated beverages? A: These bags are designed explicitly for non-carbonated beverages like wine and cider, ensuring optimal preservation and dispensing of such liquids.

Q: What makes it an environmentally friendly option? A: With 80% less carbon footprint and significant waste reduction than traditional glass bottles, these bags are a conscious choice for the environmentally aware.

Q: Can the dispensing bags be reused? A: These bags are intended for single use, focusing on preserving the beverage's quality, freshness, and safety from the first pour to the last.

Q: How user-friendly is the dispensing process? A: Featuring a tamper-evident tap, these bags offer a seamless dispensing experience, maintaining the beverage’s integrity by preventing air intrusion.

Q: Is it suitable for non-alcoholic beverages as well? A: Absolutely, it’s versatile, catering to a range of non-carbonated, non-alcoholic liquids, providing optimal storage and dispensing solutions.

Delve into the world of craft-making with our Craftmaster’s Choice Dispensing Bags and experience the blend of convenience, quality, and sustainability in every drop!

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