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The Vintage Shop

Wine Filler Baster (18 1/4 in | 46.6 cm)

$4.00 USD

Simplify Your Winemaking: Wine Filler Baster for Easy Hydrometer Readings

Efficient and Accurate Wine Testing Made Easy 

The Wine Filler Baster is an invaluable tool for home winemakers, designed to make hydrometer readings a breeze. With its generous 18 1/4" length, this filler eliminates the need for cumbersome siphoning or pouring, ensuring precise and hassle-free measurements. Crafted for efficiency and safety, it's a perfect addition to your winemaking toolkit.

Key Features:


Q: How does the Wine Filler Baster work for hydrometer readings? A: It allows for easy drawing of wine, simplifying the process of hydrometer readings without siphoning or pouring.

Q: What is the length of the Wine Filler Baster? A: It measures 18 1/4", providing convenient access for wine testing.

Q: How much liquid can the Wine Filler Baster draw? A: It can draw over 2.0 oz., ensuring precise hydrometer readings.

Q: Is the Wine Filler Baster made from safe materials? A: Yes, it is BPA-free, ensuring safe use in winemaking.

Enhance your winemaking accuracy and efficiency with the Wine Filler Baster, a must-have for any home vintner. Say goodbye to the mess and inaccuracy of traditional methods and embrace the ease of this Canadian-made tool.

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