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ABC Cork Co

Wine Dispenser Box Gradient Red Watercolor (5 L | 1.32 gal)

SAVE % $2.00 USD

Artistic Flair: Gradient Red Watercolor Wine Dispenser Box

Vibrant and Versatile: Refillable 5L Wine Dispenser Box with Watercolor Design

Our Gradient Red Watercolor Wine Dispenser Box combines practicality with artistic design, providing a refillable container with a 5-liter capacity perfect for wine enthusiasts. A visually appealing alternative to traditional bottles, this box can be reused 5 to 6 times, aligning with eco-friendly practices. The construction includes a folding interlocking base and front panel, eliminating the need for tape during assembly. While designed with wine in mind, this food-safe box is also great for storing and dispensing a variety of non-carbonated beverages like water, juices, and squash. Please note that the bag is not included.

Key Features:

FAQ’s: Q: Is the dispenser designed for specific types of beverages? A: It's ideal for wine but equally suited for any non-carbonated drink.

Q: How many times can I reuse the wine dispenser box? A: You can reuse it 5 to 6 times, treating it with care to extend its life.

Q: Will I need any additional materials to set up the box? A: No, the box's design is self-sufficient and doesn't require tape or other materials for assembly.

Q: What kind of bag should be used with this dispenser? A: Any standard bag-in-box liner compatible with the 5-liter capacity will work well.

Q: How should the box be disposed of after use? A: The dispenser is recyclable, so you can dispose of it according to your local recycling regulations.

Opt for our Gradient Red Watercolor Wine Dispenser Box for a stylish, sustainable, and convenient way to serve and store your favorite wines and beverages.

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