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ABC Crafted Series

Yuzu Citrus Beverage Infusion (500 ml | 16.9 oz)

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"Illuminate Your Beverages with Zesty Yuzu Elegance!"

"Embark on a Citrusy Voyage with Every Drop!"

Discover the intriguing essence of yuzu with our Yuzu Citrus Beverage Infusion, a perfect symphony of sweet and tart, designed to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your culinary creations. This infusion masterfully captures the refreshing vibrancy of fresh yuzu, imparting an exhilarating zest to a myriad of your favorite drinks and desserts.

Originating from the esteemed terrains of Canada, each 500 ml (16.9 oz) bottle is a concoction of citrusy delight, ensuring a seamless blend with your preferred beverages and culinary delights. Whether you desire to enrich your wines, cocktails, or sweet treats, our infusion promises a blissful yuzu journey, unlocking a spectrum of zesty flavors. Its uncompromised stability and versatility make it a cherished addition to any kitchen or bar, promising a refreshing yuzu experience with every use.

Key Features:


Q: How does this infusion capture the authentic taste of yuzu? A: It balances sweet and sour notes meticulously, ensuring yuzu's refreshing and unique taste is pronounced in every creation.

Q: Can this infusion be added to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages? A: Absolutely; its versatile nature perfectly complements alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, imparting a refreshing citrusy note.

Q: Is refrigeration necessary post-opening? A: No, its advanced formulation ensures it remains stable and fresh without refrigeration after opening.

Q: What is the suggested mixing ratio? A: Mix the 500 ml bottle with 11.5 L of finished wine or adjust your taste preferences for a balanced yuzu infusion.

Q: Are there any additives or artificial preservatives? A: Our Yuzu Citrus Beverage Infusion values purity and is free from additives or artificial preservatives, promising a natural yuzu experience.

Q: Can I use it for baking and cooking as well? A: Indeed, its adaptable essence can be seamlessly incorporated into your culinary creations, adding a delightful yuzu twist to your dishes and desserts.  

Embark on a sensorial adventure with our Yuzu Citrus Beverage Infusion, your key to unlocking Yuzu's exotic, zesty world in your beverages and culinary creations. Drape your taste buds in citrusy elegance and discover a refreshing twist in every sip and bite!

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