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ABC Crafted Series

Merlot | 11.5% Medium-Bodied Red Winemaking Kit (5.2 L | 1.37 gal)

$42.95 CAD

Merlot Winemaking Kit: Craft Your Medium-Bodied Red Masterpiece

Explore the art of winemaking with our Merlot Winemaking Kit. This product, originating from Canada, is designed for those passionate about crafting a medium-bodied red wine. With a potential alcohol by volume of 11.5%, it's perfect for creating a wine that balances richness with approachability. The comprehensive kit allows you to produce 23 liters (6.07 US gallons) of quality Merlot in just four weeks, all from a compact 5.2-liter (1.37 US gallon) starting volume.

Kit Features:

Tasting Notes:

Create a Merlot with a well-rounded profile:


Q: How long does it take to make the wine? A: Just four weeks from start to finish.

Q: What is the final alcohol content? A: The wine will have an ABV of around 11.5%.

Q: Do I need additional equipment? A: Basic winemaking equipment, which is sold separately, is necessary.

Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners? A: It's designed to be user-friendly for all experience levels.

Q: How much wine does this kit produce? A: It yields approximately 23 liters (6.07 US gallons).

Embark on your winemaking journey with our Merlot Winemaking Kit. Whether a novice or a seasoned wine enthusiast, this kit offers everything you need to create a delightful medium-bodied Merlot, perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the satisfaction of crafting your wine with this comprehensive and easy-to-use kit.

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