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ABC Cork Co

Cork Trivet Rectangle Pads Set of 6 (9.75 in x 7.3 in | 24.7 cm x 18.5 cm) Eco-Friendly Surface Protection Made in Portugal

$2.55 CAD

Experience the Natural Elegance of Portuguese Cork Trivet Rectangle Pads – Protect Your Surfaces in Style!"

Elevate your kitchen with the Cork Trivet Rectangle Pads Set of 6, a practical and eco-friendly solution for protecting surfaces from heat damage. Crafted in Portugal, these pads are more than just functional – they offer natural elegance to any setting. With their perfect size and gentle touch, these trivets prevent scratches and withstand heat, all while reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

Key Features and Benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Embrace an elegant, sustainable solution for your kitchen with the Cork Trivet Rectangle Pads Set of 6. Their Portuguese craftsmanship and natural charm make them the perfect addition to any home. Order your set today and transform your culinary space!

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