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ABC Cork Co

50-Bottle Wine Rack Durable Plastic Coated Steel Space-Saving Design Easy to Assemble Made in Portugal

$32.50 CAD

Sophisticated Storage: 50-bottle Wine Rack with plastic-coated steel

Streamlined and Sturdy: Made-in-Portugal 50-Bottle Wine Rack

Our 50-bottle Wine Rack is the embodiment of sophistication and durability. Expertly made in Portugal, this rack is constructed from plastic-coated steel, ensuring your wine collection is stored securely. With a space-saving design that is easy to assemble, it is perfect for a variety of settings, from intimate home environments to bustling commercial establishments. The rack's capacity to hold up to 50 bottles makes it an ideal choice for those with growing collections, ensuring that each bottle is cradled in elegance and accessibility.

Key Features:

FAQ’s: Q: Will this wine rack fit larger, non-standard bottles? A: It's designed for standard wine bottles, though some larger bottles may fit depending on their size and shape.

Q: What tools will I need to assemble the wine rack? A: All parts for assembly are included, and it's designed to be put together without specialized tools.

Q: How can I ensure the stability of the rack if I choose to stack them? A: If stacking, make sure to do so carefully and perhaps consider securing the racks to each other or to a wall for added safety.

Opt for our 50-bottle Wine Rack for a combination of style, efficiency, and expert craftsmanship. This piece is not just a means of organizing your collection but a statement of your dedication to the wine-loving lifestyle.

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