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ABC Cork Co

Country Pine Cube 24-Bottle Wine Rack Elegant & Timeless Design Optimal Storage Solution Made in Canada

$29.95 CAD

Classic Charm: Country Pine Cube 24-Bottle Wine Rack

Rustic Elegance: Canadian-Made Pine Cube Wine Rack for 24 Bottles

Our Country Pine Cube Wine Rack merges traditional aesthetics with functional design, offering a wine storage solution that is both elegant and practical. Made in Canada, this rack's natural pine construction brings a touch of timeless charm to your space, while its 24-bottle capacity makes it ideal for collectors and casual wine enthusiasts alike. The rack's dimensions allow for easy integration into various spaces, and its stackable compartments provide a versatile option for growing collections.

Key Features:

FAQ’s: Q: How sturdy is the wine rack when fully loaded? A: The pine construction and design offer stability, even when fully stocked with bottles.

Q: Does the natural finish of the pine protect against moisture? A: While pine is naturally resistant, it's best to keep the rack in a controlled environment to protect your wine and the rack itself.

Q: Can additional units be securely stacked on top of each other? A: Yes, the rack is designed to be safely stackable for added storage.

Select our Country Pine Cube 24-Bottle Wine Rack for a blend of rustic appeal and functional design. It's more than a wine rack; it's a showcase for your cherished wine collection, reflecting Canada's esteemed tradition of quality woodwork.

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