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ABC Cork Co

Bentonite (22.7 kg | 50 Lb)

$89.95 CAD

Clarity Unlocked: Bentonite for Professional Winemaking

Masterful Must Clarification: 22.7 kg Bulk Bentonite for Clear Wines

Our substantial 22.7 kg (50 lb) package of Bentonite is a winemaker's ally in achieving brilliantly clear wines. This powerful clarifying agent, sourced from the finest European volcanic ash deposits, is crucial for winemaking at scale. Bentonite excels in removing proteins that can cause haze and cloudiness, especially when wines are subjected to temperature changes. Add it to your must at the beginning of the winemaking process to prevent future cloudiness and ensure a stable, clear final product.

Key Features:

FAQ’s: Q: How is Bentonite used in winemaking? A: It's typically mixed with water to form a slurry and then added to the must to attract and settle out impurities.

Q: Can Bentonite affect the flavor of the wine? A: When used correctly, it should not affect the flavor as it settles out and is removed along with the leaves.

Q: Is this product suitable for organic winemaking? A: It's a naturally occurring material, but check with organic certification guidelines to ensure compliance.

Incorporate our Bentonite into your winemaking process for a clear, stable, and professional-quality wine, free from the distractions of cloudiness and haze. This bulk offering affirms your commitment to excellence in every bottle you produce.

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