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ABC Crafted Series

Kieselsol (15 g |.52 oz)

$0.95 CAD

Experience Crystal Clarity in Winemaking with European Kieselsol

Polish Your Wine to Perfection with Kieselsol: A European Fining Agent

Kieselsol, a European superior fining agent, is offered a convenient 15 g (0.52 oz) pack, perfect for winemakers and juice makers aiming for exceptional beverage clarity. This silica-based solution is adept at binding and removing positively charged proteins, phenolics, and peptides from fruit wines and juices, ensuring a brilliantly clear and stable final product.

Key Features:


Q: How is Kieselsol used in clarifying wines and juices? A: Kieselsol is added directly to the wine or juice, where its negative charge helps attract and remove unwanted positively charged particles.

Q: Does Kieselsol require any special preparation before use? A: No, it’s a ready-to-use liquid uniformly dispersed for immediate application without mixing.

Q: What storage conditions are required for Kieselsol? A: It should be stored at room temperature in a place shielded from direct sunlight.

Q: Can Kieselsol be used for different types of wines and juices? A: It’s versatile and effective across various types of wines and juices.

Choose our European Kieselsol for your winemaking and juice processing needs. This fining agent is not just an addition to your process; it's a transformational tool that ensures your beverages are as clear and stable as they are flavorful and aromatic. With Kieselsol, you're not just making wine or juice; you're crafting a masterpiece.

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