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ABC Crafted Series

American Premium Medium Toasted Oak Chips (100g | 3.5 oz)

$3.95 CAD

American Premium Medium Toasted Oak Chips: The Artisan's Choice for Enhanced Wine Complexity

Refine Your Winemaking with ABC Crafted Series Medium Toasted Oak Chips

Unleash your winemaking potential with ABC CRAFTED SERIES American Premium Medium-Toasted Oak Chips. Each pack contains 100 grams (3.52 oz) of meticulously produced oak chips, ideal for elevating your wine's profile. These medium-toasted chips, crafted from American oak, are renowned for their high density, low porosity, and permeability, making them an essential tool in the winemaker's arsenal. The unique composition of American oak, rich in volatile compounds and low in ellagitannins, allows for minimal alteration of the wine’s tannin profile while imparting a distinctive and desirable flavor profile of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, coconut, and clove.

Key Features:


Q: What distinguishes these oak chips in winemaking? A: Their medium toast level and unique flavor profile enhance the wine's complexity without overpowering its natural characteristics.

Q: How do these chips affect the wine's tannin structure? A: They minimally modify the wine’s tannin profile, preserving its inherent qualities.

Q: What is the optimal dosage for these oak chips? A: 4 grams per liter, though it may vary depending on the wine type and desired outcome.

Q: Can these chips be used in short-term wine treatments? A: Yes, they are particularly suitable for short-duration treatments.

Q: How should the oak chips be applied for the best results? A: Distribute evenly at different depths within the container and agitate weekly for optimal flavor transfer.

Elevate Your Winemaking Craft: ABC CRAFTED SERIES American Premium Medium-Toasted Oak Chips are not just an addition to your winemaking process but a transformational element that imparts depth, complexity, and sophistication to your wines. Embrace the art of winemaking with these premium oak chips and witness the remarkable enhancement in the flavor profile of your creations.

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