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ABC Crafted Series

Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles 24 per Case (500 ml | 16.91 oz)

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Brew with Confidence: Durable Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles for the Perfect Pour 

Effortless Homebrewing: Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Discover the ultimate solution for homebrewers with our Clear P.E.T Beer Bottles. This 24-bottle case, each holding 500 ml, perfectly blends functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from food-grade approved PET, these bottles offer a safe, durable alternative to glass, ideal for showcasing your homebrewed beer. Their clear design adds a professional touch to your brewing and allows your beer's actual color and quality to shine through. Lightweight and recyclable, these bottles are a testament to convenient and responsible brewing. 

Key Features:


Q: How does PET compare to glass for beer storage? A: PET offers lightweight, break-resistant advantages, and clarity akin to glass, ideal for transport and storage.

Q: Are these bottles reusable for home brewing? A: They can be reused, though they have a shorter lifespan than glass. Inspect for wear before reuse.

Q: Can I carbonate my beer in these PET bottles? A: Absolutely, they are designed to become rigid when carbonated, ensuring safe containment.

Q: What type of cap should I use for these bottles? A: For an airtight and secure seal, use 28 MM PCO caps, sold separately.

Q: Are PET bottles environmentally friendly? A: Yes, PET is recyclable, contributing to reduced environmental impact.

Q: Is the clarity of PET bottles comparable to glass? A: Definitely, clear PET provides excellent visibility, similar to glass, showcasing your beer's color and carbonation.

Unit Quantity

  • 24 CASE
  • 90 PALLET
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