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The Vintage Shop

Versatile Butterfly Clamps 10 per Pack (20-32 mm | 0.79-1.26 in)

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Enhance Your Projects with Versatile Butterfly Clamps 10 per Pack (20-32 mm - 0.79-1.26 in)

Secure, Adjustable, and Durable Clamping Solutions

The Versatile Butterfly Clamps are a vital addition to your toolkit, suitable for various applications. Each pack contains ten clamps crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability. These clamps are designed for secure and adjustable fastening of hoses and tubes, fitting a size range of 20-32 mm (0.79-1.26 in), ideal for 5/8" hoses. Perfect for plumbing, automotive, and DIY projects, these clamps offer a tool-free installation and adjustment, simplifying your work and saving time.

Key Features and Benefits:


Q: Can I adjust the Butterfly Clamps without tools? A: Yes, these clamps are designed for easy hand adjustments; no tools are needed.

Q: What hose size are these clamps suitable for? A: They are ideal for 5/8" hoses, with a size range of 20-32 mm (0.79-1.26 in).

Q: Are these clamps durable? A: Absolutely, they are made from heavy-duty stainless steel for durability and long-lasting use.

Q: What projects can I use these clamps for? A: They are versatile for various projects, including plumbing, automotive, and DIY tasks.

Unit Quantity

  • 1 EACH
  • 6 CASE
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