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The Vintage Shop

Bottle Rinser - Quick and Easy Bottle Sanitizing Solution

$14.95 CAD

Effortless Sanitization with the Bottle Rinser

Simplify Your Bottling with Our Quick and Easy Bottle Rinser

Our Bottle Rinser, made in Canada, is the ultimate solution for quick and efficient sanitization of bottles. This device simplifies the bottling process for beer and wine enthusiasts by offering a fast and effective way to sanitize bottles. Just fill its reservoir with your preferred sanitizing, sulfite, or rinse water, insert a bottle, and press down on the white shaft. The bottle rinser, designed with food-grade materials and BPA-free, ensures both safety and hygiene in your bottling process.

Key Features:


Q: How do I use the Bottle Rinser? A: Fill the reservoir with your chosen solution, insert a bottle, and press down on the shaft to inject the solution.

Q: Can it be used for both beer and wine bottling? A: Yes, it's suitable for sanitizing bottles for both beer and wine.

Q: How long does it take to sanitize a batch of bottles? A: Sanitize an entire batch in minutes, streamlining your bottling day.

Q: Is the Bottle Rinser safe for use with food and beverages? A: Absolutely, it's crafted with food-grade materials, making it safe and suitable for bottling.

The Bottle Rinser is not just a tool; it's an essential part of your bottling routine, ensuring quick, efficient, and hygienic preparation of bottles. It's a testament to Canadian innovation in simplifying homebrewing and winemaking processes.

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