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The Vintage Shop

Closures Screw Cap with Hole (38 mm | 1.5 in) - Perfect for Home Brewers, Made in Canada

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Unleash Precision Brewing with the Premium Screw Cap with Airlock Hole

Key Features:


Q: Can this cap be used on any 1-gallon jug? A: Absolutely, it's specifically designed for standard 1-gallon jugs, making it a versatile tool for home brewers.

Q: How does the airlock feature benefit my brewing? A: The airlock hole ensures a closed fermentation, allowing CO2 to escape while keeping oxygen out, which is crucial for the quality of your beer.

Q: Is the installation of the screw cap complicated? A: Not at all. It's as simple as screwing the cap onto your jug and inserting the airlock, no tools required.

Q: Can I reuse this screw cap for multiple brewing sessions? A: Yes, the cap is built to last and can be reused across numerous brewing projects.

Q: How should I clean the cap after use? A: Cleaning is hassle-free—just wash with warm, soapy water, rinse well, and it's ready for your next batch.

Q: Is this product manufactured locally? A: Yes, it is proudly made in Canada, ensuring high-quality standards and supporting local industry.

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