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ABC Cork Co

Oak Barrel (30 L | 7.92 gal)

$325.00 CAD

Age Gracefully: The European Oak Barrel Touch, Discover the Art of Aging with Authenticity.

In the heart of every memorable wine or brew lies the secret of impeccable aging, and our 30-litre Oak Barrel is crafted precisely for this. Tailored for wineries, crafting connoisseurs, and seasoned winemakers, this barrel is not just a container but a journey into flavor transformation. Crafted with precision and authenticity from the finest European oak, it invites you to elevate your brewing and winemaking with the unparalleled taste nuances of medium toast flavors.

Key Features:


Q: What's the importance of the barrel's medium char level? A: A medium char (level 3) enriches your drink with delightful medium toast flavors, enhancing its profile.

Q: How do I prevent leaks in my oak barrel? A: Regular maintenance by hydrating the wood is crucial. Rehydrate by filling it with water for a few days, especially if stored for long durations.

Q: Can filling the barrel with my drink stop the leaks? A: No, merely topping up your drink won't seal leaks. Follow the provided maintenance guidance for best results.

Q: What if the barrel continues to leak even after submerging? A: If leaks persist post-submerging, sealing the area using beeswax or candle wax and a hairdryer can help.

Q: Are the barrels tested for leaks before shipping? A: Yes, all barrels undergo a rigorous leak test during production.

Q: Where is the oak barrel made? A: Our oak barrel proudly stands as a product of Portugal, reflecting European expertise.

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