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ABC Cork Co

Vintage Tags 25 per Pack

SAVE % $2.45 CAD

Elevate Your Wine Collection with Elegant Vintage Tags 

Sophisticated Vintage Tags: Perfect for Organizing and Showcasing Your Wine Collection

Introduce a touch of elegance and organization to your wine cellar with our Vintage Tags, explicitly designed for wine enthusiasts who appreciate the finer details. This pack of 25 vintage-inspired tags offers a classic way to label and keep track of your wine bottles, ensuring you always know the year of production or bottling at a glance. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting to curate your selection, these tags add a layer of sophistication to your collection, making it easier to manage and more enjoyable to display.

Proudly produced in Canada, our Vintage Tags are crafted with care and attention to detail, reflecting the quality and heritage of your wine collection. Each tag is designed to seamlessly complement your bottles, providing a practical yet stylish solution to wine organization.

Key Features:


Q: How do I attach the tags to my wine bottles? A: The tags are designed to easily hang around the neck of the bottle, ensuring they can be added or removed without disturbing the wine.

Q: Can these tags be written on with any type of pen or marker? A: For best results, we recommend using a fine-tip permanent marker to ensure the writing is clear and smudge-proof.

Q: Are these tags reusable? A: While designed for single use, the tags can be repurposed if the information is updated with a label or sticker.

Q: Do the tags come with strings or ties for attachment? A: Yes, each tag comes ready to use with a string or tie for easy attachment to your wine bottles.

Q: Can these tags be used for other bottles or collections? A: Absolutely, their versatile design makes them suitable for labeling a variety of collections, including spirits, homemade brews, or even for organizing a pantry.

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