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ABC Cork Co

Tapered Cork #16 - 10 per Pack (38x35x29 mm)

SAVE % $5.75 CAD

Seal it Once, Seal it Right.

For everyone passionate about homebrewing, crafting, or winemaking, Tapered Cork #16 is the all-in-one sealing solution you've been waiting for. Its natural elasticity ensures that your liquids stay fresh and flavours remain intact. Ideal for diverse sealing needs, this versatile cork pack is a must-have for your toolbox.

Key Features:


Q: What are the exact dimensions of Tapered Cork #16?

A: The dimensions are 38x35x29, offering flexibility for various sealing jobs.

Q: Can I trim these corks to fit unique bottle openings?

A: You can easily trim the corks for a customized, snug fit.

Q: How many corks come in one pack?

A: A single pack includes 10 corks, perfect for multiple uses or projects.

Q: Are these corks effective for long-term storage?

A: Yes, the natural elasticity of the cork ensures a long-lasting, secure seal.

Q: Is the material natural?

A: Absolutely, the corks are made from natural, elastic material for reliable sealing.

Q: Can these corks be used for purposes other than bottling?

A: Yes, their versatility extends to lab use, arts and crafts, and even patching up minor home holes.

Choose Tapered Cork #16 for a seamless, reliable sealing experience that complements your homebrew, winemaking, or craft-making endeavours. These corks won't let you down when you need a multipurpose, durable solution.

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