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ABC Cork Co

Tapered Cork #19 - 3/8 Bored Hole - 10 per Pack (38x43x36 mm)

SAVE % $10.75 CAD

Your Perfect Seal for Every Project. Period.

With our expertly engineered Tapered Corks featuring a 3/8 bored hole, you achieve next-level crafting, homebrewing, and winemaking. These are designed not just as bottle stoppers but as versatile additions to your crafting arsenal. Available in packs of 10, they offer the seal of quality for diverse applications.

Key Features:


Q: What are the exact dimensions of the cork? A: The corks come in a universal size of 38x43x36, suitable for various applications.

Q: How does the 3/8 bored hole make a difference? A: The 3/8 bored hole enhances the cork's versatility, making it even more adaptable to your needs.

Q: Is the material elastic enough to provide a good seal? A: Absolutely, the high elasticity of the cork ensures a dependable, long-lasting seal.

Q: How many corks are in one pack? A: You will receive a pack of 10 tapered corks designed for multiple projects or ongoing use.

Q: Can these corks be used in food-related projects like homebrewing or winemaking? A: These corks are perfectly suitable for sealing containers in homebrewing and winemaking projects.

Q: Does any traditional craftsmanship inspire these corks? A: While we don't claim to originate from any specific region, high-quality cork-making traditions worldwide inspire the design and functionality.

Craft the perfect project, brew the ultimate beverage, or bottle your finest wine with our Premium Tapered Corks. These versatile corks are your one-stop solution for an exceptional sealing experience. Get your pack today!

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