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The Vintage Shop

Air Lock 2 Chamber - Monitor CO2 Levels, Enhance Your Fermentation Made in Canada

$0.80 CAD

Efficient Fermentation Monitoring with Air Lock 2 Chamber

Unlock Precision Brewing with Air Lock 2 Chamber

The Air Lock 2 Chamber, crafted in Canada, is your go-to tool for expertly monitoring fermentation processes. Its innovative two-chamber design lets you closely observe CO2 levels, ensuring a quick and accurate assessment of fermentation rates. This airlock, installed into a drilled stopper, creates a secure environment for your brew. It allows CO2 to escape while effectively blocking oxygen intrusion, which is vital for maintaining the quality of your beer or wine. The Air Lock 2 Chamber is efficient, easy to clean, and compatible with a range of drilled stoppers, making it an indispensable tool for beer and wine enthusiasts.

Key Features:


Q: Can I use The Air Lock 2 Chamber for larger fermenters? A: Yes, it is versatile and suitable for various fermenter sizes.

Q: How often should I check the CO2 levels during fermentation? A: Daily monitoring is recommended for best results.

Q: Is the airlock difficult to assemble and disassemble? A: No, it's designed for easy setup and cleaning.

Q: How much water is needed in the airlock? A: Fill to the marked level for optimal performance.

Q: Can this airlock be used for wine fermentation as well? A: Absolutely, it's ideal for both beer and wine fermentation.

The Air Lock 2 Chamber's design and functionality make it a top choice for homebrewers and winemakers seeking precision and ease in their brewing journey.

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