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Ferrari Group

Bottle Drainer 90 Drying Rack Large Rotating

$36.95 CAD

Enhance Your Bottling with the Large Rotating Bottle Drainer 90 Drying Rack

Streamline Large Batch Bottling with Our Bottle Drainer 90 Drying Rack

The Bottle Drainer 90 Drying Rack, crafted in Italy, is designed to elevate the efficiency of your bottling process. With an impressive capacity to hold up to 90 bottles, it is an ideal solution for large-scale beer or wine production. This drying rack's rotating design saves space and offers effortless access to all your bottles, making the bottling process quicker and more organized. The unique feature of storing bottles upside down is crucial, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial contamination. This Bottle Drainer 90 Drying Rack is perfect for those looking to streamline their bottling routine, offering a simple way to grab pre-sanitized bottles, fill, and cap them efficiently.

Key Features:


Q: What is the maximum capacity of the Bottle Drainer 90 Drying Rack? A: It can hold and dry up to 90 bottles simultaneously.

Q: Is this drying rack suitable for different bottle types? A: Yes, it's designed to accommodate a variety of beer and wine bottles.

Q: How does the rotating feature enhance the drying rack? A: It provides convenient access to all bottles, making handling more efficient.

Q: Can the rack be used for long-term storage? A: While it's mainly for drying, it can also be used for short-term sanitized bottle storage.

The Bottle Drainer 90 Drying Rack is more than just a drying solution; it's an integral part of your bottling process, ensuring efficiency and hygiene in every batch. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this drying rack is an invaluable addition to your bottling setup.

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