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Carboy Plastic (11.5 L | 3 gal) - Versatile and Safe Container for Secondary Fermentations, Made in Canada

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Elevate Your Brewing with the 11.5 L Carboy Plastic - A Canadian Specialty

Versatile and Safe Fermentation with Our Carboy Plastic (11.5 L | 3 gal)

The Carboy Plastic, with a capacity of 11.5 liters (3 US gallons), is a top-of-the-line container for secondary fermentations in winemaking and brewing. It is proudly made in Canada and stands out for its commitment to safety and quality. Crafted from 100% virgin material, this carboy guarantees a BPA-free and chemical-free environment for your beverages. Its design prioritizes the purity of taste and odor, while its stain-resistant nature and rib-free construction make cleaning effortless. Ideal for homebrewers and wine enthusiasts, this carboy is a reliable choice for your fermentation needs.

Key Features:


Q: What makes the Carboy Plastic ideal for secondary fermentations? A: Its size, safety features, and oxygen-impermeable nature make it perfect for secondary fermentations.

Q: How do I best handle a total Carboy Plastic? A: Always support the bottom and the neck when lifting a full carboy for safety.

Q: Can I use hot water to clean the Carboy Plastic? A: Avoid using water hotter than 53°C (127°F) to maintain the integrity of the material.

Q: Is this carboy suitable for both wine and beer fermentation? A: Absolutely, it's versatile for use in both beer brewing and winemaking.

The 11.5 L Carboy Plastic is not just a container; it's a key component in your brewing and winemaking process, ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality. Its thoughtful design and robust construction, a testament to Canadian innovation, make it an invaluable tool for anyone dedicated to crafting quality beverages. Embrace the reliability and convenience it brings to your fermentation process.

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