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Ferrari Group

Hand Corker Italian Single Lever

SAVE 50% $4.95 CAD $9.95

Enhance Your Bottling Experience with the Italian Single Lever Hand Corker

Experience Effortless Corking with the Italian-made single Lever Hand Corker

The Italian Single Lever Hand Corker is indispensable for home winemakers and small-scale wine producers. Crafted in Italy and renowned for its wine-making expertise, this manual corking device simplifies sealing wine bottles. The corker features a single lever mechanism, providing a smooth, easy, and efficient corking experience. It's designed for anyone who values efficiency and quality in their winemaking process. This hand corker's user-friendly design and affordability make it a popular choice, combining functionality, ease of use, and Italian craftsmanship in a compact and effective tool for your bottling needs.

Key Features:


Q: Is the Italian Single Lever Hand Corker suitable for different bottle sizes? A: It is designed to fit standard wine bottle sizes, providing flexibility in its use.

Q: How durable is this hand corker? A: Made with quality materials, it is built for durability and long-term use.

Q: Can it be used for corking large batches? A: While ideal for smaller-scale operations, it can also efficiently handle larger batches.

Q: What maintenance does the corker require? A: Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of moving parts will ensure optimal performance.

The Italian Single Lever Hand Corker is more than a tool; it's essential to a seamless and efficient wine bottling process. Its ease of use and Italian craftsmanship make it a must-have for any winemaking enthusiast. Choose this hand corker for a reliable, easy-to-use solution for all your wine bottling needs.

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