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ABC Cork Co

Primary Fermenter Solid Lid for (27 L | 7.1 gal)

$4.85 CAD

Secure Seal with Gasket

Enhance Your Brewing Experience Elevate the quality of your homebrew or wine with the Primary Fermenter Solid Lid, expertly designed for a 27 L (7.1 gallons) fermenter. This lid is vital for maintaining a stable and controlled fermentation environment and crafting excellent beverages. 

Key Features:



Q: Is this lid specific to 27 L (7.1 gallons) fermenters? A: Yes, it's designed specifically for primary fermenters with a capacity of 27 L (7.1 gallons).

Q: How does the gasket enhance the lid’s function? A: The gasket provides an extra sealing layer, ensuring an airtight environment and preventing leakage.

Q: Can the lid withstand regular sanitization? A: Absolutely! It’s made from materials that are resistant to sanitization chemicals.

Q: How easy is it to clean the lid? A: The lid's smooth surface can be easily cleaned with brewing sanitizers or mild detergents.

Q: What is the advantage of using this lid in fermentation? A: It offers a stable, controlled environment essential for successful fermentation, enhancing the quality of your brew.

The Primary Fermenter Solid Lid for 27 L (7.1 gallons) is an indispensable tool for any brewer or winemaker looking for precision and quality in their fermentation process. Crafted in Canada, this lid guarantees performance and durability, ensuring your fermenting batch remains uncontaminated and perfectly sealed.

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