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ABC Cork Co

Primary Fermenter Pail (27 L | 7.1 gal)

$13.65 CAD

Durable & Eco-Friendly Brewing Solution, Essential Tool for Homebrewing Enthusiasts

Enhance your wine and beer-making process with the Primary Fermenter Pail, a high-capacity, robust solution for your fermenting needs. This pail caters to beginners and experienced brewers, ensuring a reliable fermentation process.

Key Features:



Q: Is the Primary Fermenter Pail suitable for both beer and wine-making? A: Yes, it's versatile for both beer and wine fermentation.

Q: Does the pail come with a lid? A: The lid is sold separately, offering flexibility in your brewing setup.

Q: How durable is the pail for repeated use? A: Its 90 mil wall thickness and quality material ensure durability for repeated brewing cycles.

Q: Can I use this pail for other purposes besides fermentation? A: While primarily designed for fermentation, its robust build makes it suitable for various storage needs.

Q: Is the pail easy to clean and maintain? A: Its smooth interior surface allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

Perfect for crafting homemade wines and beers, the Primary Fermenter Pail with a 27 L (7.1 gal) capacity is a staple in any homebrewer's arsenal. Its capacity, durability, and eco-friendliness, coupled with Canadian manufacturing excellence, make it a top choice for a successful fermentation process.

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