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ABC Cork Co

Rubber Stopper #04 Drilled (15/16 x 23/32 x 1 in | 24 x 18 x 25 mm)

SAVE 26% $0.85 CAD $1.15

Seal with Confidence: Rubber Stopper #03 Solid

Maximize the security and integrity of your containers with our Rubber Stopper #04 Solid, available in a convenient pack of three. Proudly made in the USA, these stoppers are a go-to solution for an airtight and leak-proof seal in various settings, including laboratories, home brewing setups, and more. 

Key Features:



Q: Are these stoppers resistant to high temperatures? A: While they offer versatility, it's recommended to consider specific temperature requirements for your application.

Q: Can I use these for fermenting wines or beers? A: They're perfect for storage but unsuitable for fermenting processes requiring airlocks. 

Q: Is the rubber material safe for consumable items? A: They're generally safe for various applications made from high-quality rubber.

Q: Are these stoppers reusable? A: Absolutely! They're designed for durability and multiple uses.

Invest in our Rubber Stopper #04 Solid for a reliable, versatile, high-quality sealing solution. These stoppers are essential for anyone needing a secure seal, whether in a laboratory, for home brewing, or for other practical uses.

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