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The Vintage Shop

Three Piece Wine Thief (29 in | 73.5 cm)

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Streamline Your Winemaking: Three Piece Wine Thief (29 in)

Effortless Sampling for the Perfect Brew

Enhance your winemaking process with the Three Piece Wine Thief, a vital tool for any vintner, proudly crafted in Canada. This 29-inch (73.66 cm) wine thief is ingeniously designed to extract samples from carboys, primary fermenters, or barrels easily and precisely. Its three-piece construction facilitates effortless sampling and ensures convenient cleaning and sanitizing. The wine thief's top opening allows quick access to the wine, while the bottom valve ensures smooth flow and precise control during sampling. This tool is crucial for testing purposes, enabling you to sample your wine without disturbing its remaining volume, thus preserving the integrity of your brew.

Key Features:


Q: What is the length of the Three Piece Wine Thief? A: It measures 29 inches (73.66 cm), perfect for various fermenting vessels.

Q: How does the Wine Thief aid in wine sampling? A: It features a top opening and a bottom valve for smooth, controlled sampling without disturbing the remaining wine.

Q: Is the Wine Thief easy to clean? A: Yes, it breaks into three pieces, allowing for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

Q: Where is the Three Piece Wine Thief made? A: This product is proudly manufactured in Canada, ensuring high quality and craftsmanship.

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