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ABC Cork Co

Proof & Traille Hydrometer (29.8 cm x 11.7 in)

$6.35 CAD

Your Essential Tool for Accurate Alcohol Measurement. Elevate Your Brewing and Winemaking with European Precision

For those passionate about homebrew, craft-making, and winemaking, the Proof & Traille Hydrometer is a game-changer. This finely crafted tool is designed for precise alcohol measurement, making it indispensable for anyone serious about their craft. Its comprehensive range and integrated temperature correction feature ensure accurate readings every time, regardless of the brewing conditions.

Key Features:



Q: What sets the Proof & Traille Hydrometer apart from regular hydrometers? A: Its design is specifically tailored for alcohol measurement, offering a wide range of essentials for detailed brewing analysis.

Q: Why is the temperature correction feature important? A: Temperature can affect liquid density. This feature ensures you get accurate readings regardless of temperature variations.

Q: Can this hydrometer be used for all types of alcoholic beverages? A: Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of alcoholic beverages, providing reliable measurements across different types.

Q: How durable is this hydrometer? A: Crafted with European precision, it combines robustness with accuracy, ensuring longevity with proper care.

Q: Is the Proof & Traille Hydrometer suitable for commercial brewing? A: Absolutely; its accuracy and expansive range make it perfect for home enthusiasts and commercial brewers.

The Proof & Traille Hydrometer is more than just a tool; it invests in your brewing and winemaking quality and precision. Its European design and comprehensive features make it a must-have for anyone serious about crafting the perfect alcoholic beverage.

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