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Liquor Quik

Liquor Quik Bombay Gin (20 ml | 0.65 fl oz)

$3.95 CAD

Master the Art of Gin Crafting with Exquisite Bombay Essence

Elevate Your Home Distillery: Premium Bombay Gin Essence for Connoisseurs

Discover the essence of masterful gin crafting with Liquor Quik's Bombay Gin Essence. This essence is a tribute to the intricate flavors of a classic Bombay gin, meticulously designed for enthusiasts who aim to distill premium spirits in the comfort of their homes.

Key Features:


Q: What is the best spirit to mix with this Bombay Gin Essence? A: For a refined flavor, mix with 35-40% ABV grain alcohol or neutral vodka.

Q: How much essence should I use for one batch? A: Utilize the entire 20 ml bottle to achieve the perfect balance for your 27 fl. oz. (770 ml) batch.

Q: Do I need to add anything besides the essence and alcohol? A: No additional ingredients are required; just mix the essence with your chosen alcohol base.

Q: What kind of flavors can I expect from this essence? A: Expect a complex, botanical profile typical of premium Bombay gin.

Q: How long should I mix the essence with the alcohol? A: Shake well to ensure the essence is thoroughly mixed with the alcohol.

Q: Is this product made in the region famous for Bombay gin? A: This essence captures the quintessential Bombay gin flavor, proudly produced in Canada with the highest quality standards.

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