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Connoisseurs Range Export Pilsner Kit Experience the Essence of Bohemian Brewing (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Unlock Authentic Homebrewing Experiences with the Connoisseurs Range Export Pilsner Kit 

Craft Your Journey in the World of Bohemian Lager

Welcome to a new realm of homebrewing sophistication with the Connoisseurs Range Export Pilsner Kit. Perfect for those looking to elevate their craft-making skills, this kit offers a unique opportunity to delve into the art of Bohemian-inspired lagers without leaving the comfort of your home. It's time to bring world-class brewing to your personal space.

Key Features

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Q: What is the brewing timeline for Export Pilsner?
A: Expect a brewing cycle of about 2-3 weeks. This includes the fermentation, conditioning, and carbonation stages. Individual experiences may vary.

Q: Is this kit adaptable for flavor customization?
A: Absolutely. Feel free to experiment with extra hops or malts to create your signature Pilsner. However, adhere to good sanitation practices when incorporating new elements.

Q: Is this Pilsner Kit beginner-friendly?
A: Yes, the Connoisseurs Range Export Pilsner Kit is crafted to suit brewers at all levels, complete with detailed guidelines to walk you through the process.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: Please note that equipment and supplies are sold separately. You'll need standard homebrewing gear, including fermenters and bottles.

Q: What's the best way to store the finished product?
A: Once brewed, your Pilsner is best enjoyed chilled and should be stored in a cool, dark place.

Q: Does the kit include yeast?
A: The kit includes all essential ingredients for the recipe. However, you can add different yeast strains to experiment further.

Craft your legacy in homebrewing with the Connoisseurs Range Export Pilsner Kit. Start your journey today!

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  • 6 CASE
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