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ABC Crafted Series

Iberian Air Dried Un-toasted Oak Chips (100g | 3.5 oz)

$3.95 CAD

ABC Crafted Series Iberian Air Dried Un-toasted Oak Chips: Natural Elegance in Every Sip

Transform Your Wine with Iberian Un-toasted Oak Chips 

Step into sophisticated winemaking with ABC CRAFTED SERIES Iberian Air Dried Un-toasted Oak Chips. Each pack, weighing 100 grams (3.52 oz), is specially curated for small-batch winemaking enthusiasts. These chips, made from fine-grained Iberian oak, are known for their high porosity, permeability, and rich chemical composition, making them a prized choice in the winemaking process. The key lies in their un-toasted nature, boasting high concentrations of ellagitannin, a natural antioxidant revered in the industry. This unique characteristic imparts a subtle yet complex nature and floral and fruity flavor profile to your wines.

Key Features:


Q: How do Iberian Air Dried Un-toasted Oak Chips enhance winemaking? A: They contribute to the wine’s aromatic complexity and preserve its natural fruitiness and color.

Q: What makes these oak chips ideal for small-batch winemaking? A: Their specific particle size, high porosity, and unique chemical composition ensure a tailored influence on the wine.

Q: Can these chips be used during alcoholic fermentation? A: They are effective during alcoholic fermentation, enhancing floral and varietal aromas.

Q: Do these chips affect the wine's mouthfeel? A: Yes, their high ellagitannin content increases silkiness and volume in the mouthfeel.

Q: How should I apply these oak chips for optimal results? A: Distribute them at different depths within the container and agitate weekly for even flavor infusion.

Elevate Your Winemaking Craft: ABC CRAFTED SERIES Iberian Air Dried Un-toasted Oak Chips offer a unique opportunity to enhance your winemaking process naturally. Incorporate these premium oak chips and witness the transformation of your wines into a richer, more nuanced drink. Embrace the subtlety and elegance of Iberian oak in your winemaking journey.

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